Make informed costing decisions and improve business profit

Take the guesswork out of being profitable. CostEasy keeps track of all the costs involved, manages your recipes, and ensures you are pricing correctly.

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Skip the manual calculations each time you add a new recipe


Data-informed Pricing

Our inventory management system updates ingredients prices per time to influence your meal pricing.


Improved Profit

Price per meal, profit per meal, and revenue per meal are automatically suggested to improve profit margins.


Quality Control

Maintain the same processes, cooking methods and meal quality all the time and in all branches.

Save time, earn more with CostEasy

Recipes and Sub-recipes

Create and manage different recipes and sub-recipes for all meals on your menu.


Cost Insights

Gain access to accurate market cost of items you use and update meal prices as required.

Frequently Asked Questions

What you need to know about Costeasy

What is CostEasy?

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Who is CostEasy for?

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How do I get started using CostEasy?

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What are the requirements for a restaurant or food business to use CostEasy?

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What should I expect after registering for a CostEasy account for my company?

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Shift your focus to what matters

Do you spend time trying to figure out the accurate price for your menu? Get the best value for all your meals and improve your customer dining experience with CostEasy.